About us

….It was during an Italian TV trasmission “Campanile Sera” where Enzo Tortora called it "BAIA DELLE FAVOLE". (Fairytales' bay)..

... referring to the beach of Sestri Levante that embraces it from the cliffs and the rocks of Sant'Anna (Rocche di Sant'Anna) to the park of the Piscina dei Castelli.

I've always been swimming at Baia delle favole at sunset, when all the lovers of tanning have returned to the Caruggio (ligurian street in city centre) for the aperitif, I am there to watch the spectacle of the sun that slowly rests on the headland of Portofino and when I no longer see it, it comforts me to know that it illuminates the cliff of the Cala degli Inglesi and the small Bay of St. Fruttuoso that houses the abbey Abbazia di S. Fruttuoso and the Tower of The Doria, now owned by the FAI (Italian Fund for Ambient).
The golden reflections of the setting sun on the spot where the
Cristo degli Abissi (Christ of the Abyss) is sinking create a mystical atmosphere.


It was living these moments, such as walking in the old town or climbing to the Convent of the Capuchins or the Church of St. Nicolò of the Island (Chiesa di S. Nicolò dell’Isola) that, in my early twenties, I decided that, at the time of retirement, I would move to a Piedmont like cottage but in Sestri Levante.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

I found the house big enough to share it with people who had similar needs to mine, that is, need to go to "detach" in a house similar to those where we took summer holidays as children, in the countryside, but with the convenience of being quickly at the seaside.

I organized, so a B&B in Sestri Levante that I called:


inviting people who, like me, along their way, needed to "pull the rowers in the boat."

So, this is the Bed & Breakfast La casa dei remi in barca, rediscovering a bit nature and simple life.

I'm waiting for you, welcome guests.